How to Install a home lift in Thailand

In this guide you will find everything you need to know about on how to install a home lift. We understand that you might have a lot of questions, but at the same time it is an exciting step to take. We are confident to say that having a home lift will really make your life smoother.

Here are a few questions that we will answer in this guide:

Do I need to make any preparation myself for buying a home lift?
Do I need any special Insurance?
Does Condato provide any warranties?
Does it require any maintenance?
How long does it take from making an order to getting the lift installed?

Step 1. Preparation


1.1 Measurements

At Condato we believe that preparation is the most important step of getting a home lift.
First of all we need to find out if your premises has the structure and the space of being able to install a lift. This includes doing a few measurements of the space where the lift is going to be installed. You can do these measurements yourself or we can take a look together.

The first things that needs to be measures is the maximum width, depth and height of the lift shaft. The second thing is the floor to floor distance to calculate the exact travel height for the lift.

1.2 Making space for the lift

For some sites the lift installation will require making a hole in your second, third or fourth floor. If the lift is placed next to a staircase and there is enough free space then a hole wont be required. If you don’t have this free space we will have to this so called “hole-check-up”. This to ensure that there aren’t any pipes or other issues in the way of making the hole/holes.

If you are a handy-man/woman yourself you can simply download our site survey here.

Step 2. Home lift customization and service options

If your home is suitable for the installation, we will move forward to the next step which is customization. In this step we will together discuss what size, color of shaft and other options you want for your lift.

Insurance – Unfortunately we are not offering any insurance on our lift but we do have our 2 year warranty.

Warranty – You will always get 2 years warranty on our installations and hardware. For the screw and nut, we offer an extensive warranty of 10 years if recommended service agreement is implemented. We always want all of our customers to feel safe on having a proper functional lift without any hassle.

Maintenance – Our lifts doesn’t require any big amount of maintenance, mostly it is just checking the oil-level for the system and the battery once awhile. By choosing to sign our service agreement we will offer you maintenance check-ups every 4, 6 or 12 months depending on agreement. Our recommendation is to have a check-up at least once every year if you are using your lift on a regular basis.

Step 3. Signing contract and payment

After the lift has been customized there will be a signed contract followed up by payment. The payment will be transferred to our bank account according to the purchase agreement.

Step 4. Sending order to Degerfors, Sweden for production

Before submitting the order to our production unit we will do a last review of the order. Here we will simply ask you to check if all the details is correct. Just to make sure that we haven’t missed anything.

Step 5. Production

Degersfors will receive our order and then start the production. This will take approximately 2-3 weeks depending on the choice of lift and customization options. Our short production time makes us one of the fastest supplier in the home lift industry.

Step 6 Shipping

Shipment will take approximately 4 weeks + another 1-2 weeks of customs clearance

Step 7. Delivery

When your lift has arrived at the docs it will be picked up by a truck that will safely transport it to your door. Make sure you are prepared for the installation. Don’t worry, we are with you through the whole process if you have any questions.

Step 8. Installation

Standard lift installation – A standard lift Installation will go on smoothly and take approximately 2-4 days. This is depending on if the site is ready and there were no unexpected issues.

Customized lift  installation – Customized lifts can take a little bit longer and has an estimated installation time of 4-10 days.

Time frame – Preparation to Installation – Total estimated time from making the preparation to getting the lift installed is approximately 3-3,5 months if everything goes according to these steps.

Step 9. Quality and Service call

After approximately 2 weeks after the installation we will contact you again to ensure that everything is working okay. During this time, we would also kindly ask you to give us a short review about the lift and our services.

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